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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 21, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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police need your help in the hunt for a hit-and-run driver in the south bay. the accident had deadly
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results. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. a hit-and-run driver killed a man this morning in san jose. it happened just after 6:00 a.m. on alum rock avenue near the intersection with jackson avenue. police say the man was about 30 feet outside of the crosswalk when the car hit him and then drove off. the victim died at the scene. >> all we have on that vehicle is it is a dark-colored sedan, unknown make or model. again, we're still talking to witnesses right now. >> police say a second vehicle also hit the victim. that driver did stop and cooperated with police. the accident tied up traffic in the area and the valley transportation authority had to reroute some buses. this day before thanksgiving is very busy. christien kafton is live at sfo. is it smooth sailing now?
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>> reporter: that's what we're hearing. we're at the virgin america ticket area. things are moving along quite nicely. flights in and out of sfo are packed full and are flying, by and large, on time. >> passenger loads are up about 3% year over year since last year. but everything is operating smoothly. >> reporter: there were problems late into last night lasting into this morning. rainy weather led to faa restrictions an 81 flights were canceled -- and 81 flights were canceled. >> reporter: some passengers had three, four, even seven- hour delays getting into the terminal leading to some frustrated travelers. >> they didn't do a very good job of like keeping us updated on if things were gonna change and the crew was late getting back when we could have left
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earlier. they treated us fine once we were on the flight but i was just frustrated. everyone was. >> reporter: by 4:30 this morn, passengers found the occasional crowd and then the departures. they said even the rain didn't damage their optimism. >> so far so good. i think it should be okay. >> reporter: there are some delays from inbound from chicago chicago and boston -- from chicago and boston. coming back to our live shot, you can see folks flights arriving and duty managers said about an hour and a half ago, there are still parking spots. if you are leaving today and you do need to park that's still an option for you. we're live at sfo, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. officials at san jose
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airport say they are not having any delays because of the weather there. but they are seeing major delays on southwest airlines involving flights to or through chicago's midway airport due to weather there. some of the flights are delayed for several hours. they say as always to call your airline to check flight status and get to the airport early. not everyone will fly or drive this thanksgiving holiday. some people hope to avoid the crush by taking the train. amtrak does expect many more passengers than normal. beginning today, it is adding extra trains with san joaquin. >> pacific, and capital corridor to handle the increased ridership over the week. the rain is easing up this noontime after scattered downpours overnight. this is a live picture showing a mixture of clouds and blue skies over the bay area. you may still find slick and wet spots on surface freeways
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and you should still give your time on extra roads to avoid incidents like that. a driver lost control on 880 on broadway this morning. no one was hurt. the rain also caused flooding in the bay area. this is the broadway offramp on 580 in oakland. the chp says about 5 inches of water built up, causing a dangerous situation for drivers. well, the heavy rain has moved out of the area. the rates really ramped up. right now we have a mixture of sun and clouds out there. some partly cloudy observations across parts of the region. as far as the numbers for rainfall totals, very impressive. look at san francisco. just about 1 inch of rain. oakland .086. a lot of this came down in a small win dope. san jose had .20. a few lingering rain showers primarily up to the north of
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the bay area and also out to the east especially out to the sierra. as far as as our local raid -- as far as our local radar, i'm track agnew light rain showers, mainly up in the northern portions of the north bay mainly up to the northeast and santa rosa as well. there's still the possibility of a spotty shower for this afternoon. the weather pattern is changing. the one temperature change you can expect for tomorrow and we'll break down rain chances as we head into the weekend. >> thank you, mark. and happening right now, crews are cleaning up a sewage spill that shut down part of san francisco's ocean beach. newschopper2 is live over the scene right now. during the rain storm overnight, sewage burst through a rainfall near the great highway and balboa street. the san francisco public utilities commission says 90% of the spill was rain water. but a block-long area remains closed while crews clean the mess off the sand and the
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pedestrian walkway. officials expect that section of the beach will be closed for several days. at this hour, a cease-fire is taking effect on the israel/gaza border after eight days of some of the fiercest fighting in the area in the last four -- fiercest fighting in the area in the last four years. the gauzy city skyline has been peppered with shell attacks as residents flee. 10,000 residents have sought shelter in u.n.-run schools. that's after israel troops dropped leaflets warning them to evacuate. egypt's foreign minister announced the deal this morning with hamas and hillary clinton who arrived to help broker the truce. >> egypt's new government is assuming the responsibility and leadership that has long made this country a cornerstone of regional stability and peace.
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>> earlier today, rockets were gaza struck a bus filled with people in the heart of tel aviv. at least 27 people were injured. while hamas did not take responsibility for the bombing, the mill lip tant group praised it -- the militant group praised it. >> translator: what happened in tel aviv was a heroic operation that gifted palestinian and gaza high. >> that comment came before the cease fire was announced. israel's prime minister agreed to the deal after a call from president obama. the president is offering to help israel strengthen its defense system and says he will ask for more money to help pay for israel's iron dome that's saved many lives. san francisco police are investigating a carport fire that destroyed four vehicles this morning as suspicious. it happened at 5:00 a.m. at a home on thomas avenue near ingle street. firefighters believe the fire was the work of an arsonist because the smell of gas was
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strong. a gas cap had been removed from a tank where the fire likely originated. the cars were being restored by the man who lives there. he says his neighbor woke him up to tell him there was a fire in his car poet. >> i'm very lucky. thank you -- carport. >> i'm very lucky. thank you, god. >> reporter: how high are the flames? >> kind of like -- by -- by the gate, 12 feet. something like that. >> reporter: police towed the cars to a yard where investigators can look more closely for clues about the fire. there is a friendly competition going on today in san francisco. it's part of thive art to help the hungry. ktvu's tam joins us live from the city to ex-- ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live to tell us who is sharpening their knives. >> reporter: well, in an hour, they will be carving turkeys and they will be dishing out to the salvation army.
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they sliced, and sorted. >> we put the white meat here and the dark meat there. >> reporter: 150 turkeys. >> we're so blessed to be able to help people all year long but here is chance to demonstrate where we're putting the meat on the table. >> reporter: the police chief and his command staff were there to help. >> this is a fun way to do it. a little competition with knives. >> reporter: and then the fire chief and her crew pitched in. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: for more than 50 years, the salvation army has been serving turkeys with all of the trimmings for those who need it. >> these meals will be delivered to people in the city who are too old or too ill to get out of doors. >> i want to thank the salvation army for helping us
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feed the city, so happy thanksgiving everybody and lets get to these nude turkeys. [laughter] >> reporter: and these hard economic times -- and in these hard economic times, the food pantry is helping with food to the salvation army and other hot meal programs. and the good news is that donations actually increased to the food bank by 20% this year. live from san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. an organization that serves the homeless in san jose is defending its decision to stop providing space for another organization that serves meals to the poor. envision runs the space downtown. and it was gonna stop to provide space to the soup kitchen. >> we're changing our services
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here. we're going to focus on the individuals who are living with us, our residents. we're going to cease being a drop-in center. so then the individuals who act us to help them with the meals will no locker be coming here -- longer be coming here. >> reporter: truck drivers today waiting hours just to get into the port of oakland to drop off their loads. why a strike yesterday is to blame for this backup. mark tamayo is back in eight minutes to tell us if the rain is finished and he has the all-important thanksgiving forecast. [chanting] and we'll tell you why people were shouting with bullhorns inside a bay area walmart during the last hour.
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a man was found dead this morning in a water-filled quarry in oakland. authorities say it appears he fell over a cliff near the rockridge shopping center near broadway and pleasant valley avenue. a roommate said the man went out last night to look for his cat and did not return. that's when the roommate notified authorities. the fire department called in the sheriff's dive team and they located the man's body. >> it's raining and wet back
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there. so this person may have gone back to look for the cat many times. but today is -- because of the weather, he may have lost his footing and fall be in the water -- and fallen in the water. yesterday, the strike at the port of oakland was still causing long lines this morning. as alex savidge reports, trucks cued up for blocks hoping to deliver loads they could not drop off yesterday. >> reporter: the big rigs were barely moving this morning, waiting to enter the port of oakland. the huge backup comes one day after striking workers blocked entrances and shut down the port. >> i had to ing it in today because i couldn't get inside. the strike people -- they wouldn't let us in. we had to come back. so now it's double the work. >> reporter: drivers who could not drop off or pick up lined up early this morning. some waited more than three hours to get in. for these drivers time is
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money, so waiting a day to drop off a load at the port means lost pay. >> $200. it hurts. >> reporter: grace hemingway told me she parked outside of the gates overnight to be one. first drivers in this morning. she doesn't have much sympathy for port workers who are upset over stalled contract works. >> they are hurting themselves and the other people, the drivers, the economy. i mean, keep on working. do what you can do. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the port said thanksgiving week is one of their busiest times of the year with trucks moving merchandise for the upcoming holiday season and yesterday's strike only mind the delays worse. but the spokesman told me operations at the port are slowly returning to normal. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. in about an hour, one suspect in a violent string of crimes last week will face a judge for the first time. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks faces charges of murder,
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attempted murder and attempted robbery. he and another man still on the loose are accused of four robberies, a deadly attempted carjacking and a shooting that injured an officer friday night. the two were seen on surveillance video at the 7-11 where a man was shot and killed because he could not give up his car. a $20,000 reward is being offered for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the second man. the heavy rain has moved out of the bay area. but still some moisture in place so we cannot rule out the chance of a shower today. but for thanksgiving, it will be dry. here's our camera looking out. you can see the nice green hills here. still some lingering cloud cover out there. a lot of partly cloudy observations. it's a very busy travel day. you will notice not a lot of accidents, really out to the pacific northwest. you can pick out some rain and snow up to seattle and around the portland area. as we take a closer look at
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northern california, you can see the rain showers primarily focused up to the north and the east of the bay area and a rain/snow mix out to the sierra. there is a doppler sweep. not much to show you except a few cells out to the east of santa rosa, right around st. helena and the calistoga area. that's just some evidence that we'll hold onto the chance of a shower for this afternoon with a mixture of sun and clouds. as far as current numbers, it's mild out there. our friends in san jose, 62 and san francisco, checking in, 62 degrees as well. forecast headlines for today, a mixture of sun and clouds for your thanksgiving. partly sunny. it will be warmer. the weekend, we'll hold onto the dry weather forecast. it could be the valley fog that concerns us with the reduced visibilities first thing in the morning hours. here is the weather picture on the satellite. you will notice the cloud and the storm from last night moving across the bay area. still a few high clouds just offshore but the main storm
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track is heading up to our north. just took a look at the sierra. if you are heading up there no chains required on 80 or 50. but a chance for rain and snow for this afternoon. but they will have improving conditions for tomorrow and into the weekend. here's our forecast model -- partly cloudy skies at 5:00, we'll take this into thursday and just a few high clouds out there first thing tomorrow morning for your thanksgiving and once again some patchy fog. we'll be watching out for that especially in some of the inland valleys out towards santa rosa and napa. san francisco forecast high this afternoon, 64. san jose, 67. our friends in half moon bay, around 63 and look a look ahead to your five-day forecast, thanksgiving rapidly approaching and it will be a dry one. once again, just watch out for fogg for the early-morning hours. if you have an early start, there we go. look at that. three dry days after thanksgiving, friday, saturday and sunday. we'll have to keep an eye on some of the overcast first
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thing in the morning and temperatures on friday, could be touching 70. >> wow. >> a great day to do the shop org just play outside. >> thank you. every year ktvu teams up with one warm coat. the campaign begins this friday at the bay street in emeryville, san francisco's ferry building, santana row in san jose, and broadway plaza in walnut creek. you can get more information on on the front page under hot topics. a very sweet work of art was unfailed today at the westin st. francis in san francisco. standing 12 feet tall and weighing more than 1300 pounds, the holiday sugar castle features more than 30 rooms and a train. it was originally created in 2005 e every year more is added to it. new is the addition of the top 20 12newsmakers on display throughout the -- 2012
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newsmakers on display throughout. and he brings the theme together and a lot of joy. >> it will be on display on powell street through january 3rd. when we come back, how low can they go? we'll tell you the latest numbers on home mortgage rate is. rate-- rates. ous?
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be happy. be healthy. trading is light on wall street ahead of thanksgiving.
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stocks creeping high after news broke of a cease-fire agreement between israel and hamas. the markets will be closed tomorrow and will close early on friday. the dow is up 45. the nasdaq up, 89. s&p up, 2. u.s. mortgage rates fell to a new record low. freddie mac says the average 30- year loan dropped to 3.31%, the lowest on record dating back to 1971. the average 15-year loan dipped to 2.63%, also a record. analysts say the trend is boosting sales and helping the housing market to recover. [chanting] an unusual site. these alameda county parents, child care providers and community leaders marching into this store with a bull morn -- bullhorn. they are accusing walmart of underminding the middle class by waying too low wages and
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they can't pay for child care. >> it's a very profitable corporation that is making a lot of money and they are -- their workers aren't able to afford child care. >> protesters planned to give managers an oversized invoice while they were there. this demonstration comes as wull mart workers planned protests across the country on black friday. fremont police are warning online shoppers this holiday season about a rise in mail and package thefts. take a look at this surveillance video of trevor's front porch last saturday morning. a package he ordered from was delivered 20 minutes later snatched up by the woman. fremont police say if you do buy online or send a passage -- send a package to family members, consider getting a signature on all deliveries. meet gus the police dog. the german shepherd and his handler officer steve vega went
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through four weeks of k-9 training together. gus lives with the officer and his family. he joined the force through private citizens. today at 5:00, we have you covered for thig, whether it's hitting the road or staying here. we'll have the travel conditions as well as the forecast for the neighborhood where you live. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. also we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu.
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